Where does Sunny Valley Homes build?
Sunny Valley Homes builds in and around the greater Edmonton area.

What is the cost to construct a home with Sunny Valley Homes?
Sunny Valley Homes understands that each project is unique and customized to their clients needs and requirements. Because of this, construction prices are dependent on and are reflected upon by the home owners needs and "wish list". Our construction management team is able to work within particular budgets set forth by the home owner.

How long is the construction process?
On average, depending on the size and complexity of the individual project, construction time averages between 10-12 months.

Does Sunny Valley Homes provide warranty?
Yes, Sunny Valley Homes is a member of the progressive home warranty program.

Does Sunny Valley Homes provide assistance in all aspects of the building process?
Yes, Sunny Valley Homes will help with lot selection, architectual drawings, construction, interior design, and landscaping if requested. Sunny Valley Homes works closely with their clients throughout the buidling process.

Design Consideration

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